The Gourmet Salt Box
The Gourmet Salt BoxThe Gourmet Salt BoxThe Gourmet Salt Box

The Gourmet Salt Box

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              The Gourmet Salt Box
Do you love cooking? Want to try something different or need a unique gift idea for someone who enjoys cooking?
All the spices/seasonings come in small aluminium tins so can be stacked in the kitchen cupboard and easily, plus staying fresh. Re-fills available.
We can make this gift set personalised (free of charge), just include name/s and we will add to the front label. We can also send direct to the recipient if you also include a different address.
Here we have a unique box set of wonderfully aromatic salt. 
This set includes:
Lemon pepper salt
Garlic Salt
Red sea Salt
Onion Salt
Celery Salt
Rosemary Salt
Onion Salt: 

Onion salt is a convenient substitute for chopped onions. It’s useful when you don’t have the time to prepare chopped onions or want to add onion flavour to a dish without the bulk of additional ingredients.  Onion salt combines the sweetness, pungency, and sulphur notes of powdered onion with the Savory flavour of salt. With onion salt, you get the convenience that comes with adding two flavours at once. It is a more flavourful alternative to plain table salt and is a popular ingredient in barbecue dry rubs and salad dressings. You can also sprinkle it on vegetables, popcorn or fries in order to order to give them additional flavour.


Celery Salt: 

As its name suggests, celery salt adds a salty, celery-like flavour to Savory dishes, adding an extra layer of flavour instantly, making this seasoning a staple in many kitchens. And while you're likely to see celery salt listed as an ingredient in a number of different recipes, it has a somewhat subtle and mild flavour. Celery salt tastes a lot like normal salt at first, but its slight aroma of celery becomes more prominent on the tongue, thanks to the crushed celery seed that's been mixed in. The seasoning has been described as having a mildly peppery bite, a green and grassy flavour, and as having a slightly bitter finish. A lot like celery itself, celery salt's flavour isn't very assertive but it's certainly distinctive. Celery salt makes a great garnish, too. Rim your Bloody Mary glass with celery salt for an extra flavour boost. Sprinkle it over warm garlic bread or hot French fries for fresh taste and aroma.


Rosemary Salt: 

Rosemary salt is delicious sprinkled over homemade fries, focaccia, on cooked meats and roast vegetables, rather than sprinkling on things before cooking as rosemary is susceptible to burning.  Also, in salad dressings and cheese muffins. Basically, you can use it in place of plain salt to add more flavour!  Can add to Olive Oil to create a wonderful dip for bread.

Lemon Pepper Salt: 

Lemon pepper Salt is an easy way to ramp up the flavour of simple pasta dishes. Instead of just plain pepper try adding lemon pepper for an extra layer of flavour. Lemon pepper is a popular flavouring for turkey and chicken wings. Almost any type of fish or shellfish works with citrus and pepper Flavors. Try adding lemon pepper to your favourite prawn and salmon dishes. Lemon pepper is fabulous in a salad or on roasted vegetables for an extra zing. It makes a wonderful marinade, use lemon juice, plus grated garlic, fresh parsley, olive oil, and lemon pepper seasoning to make an all-purpose marinade or salad dressing.


Garlic Salt: 

Garlic salt is a seasoned salt made of a mixture of dried, ground garlic and table salt with an anti caking ingredient (e.g., Calcium Silicate). One of the easiest ways to use garlic salt is to season your food with it. You can add it to meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, or any other dish you’re cooking. It’s a great way to add flavour and some health benefits too. You can also use garlic salt to add flavour to sauces. It’s a great way to add depth of flavour to your sauces without having to use a lot of spices. This is a great way to add flavour to dishes like pasta or pizza.

Red Sea Salt:  

A Sea Salt extracted from the Red Sea in Israel. The Red Sea has some of the highest salinity %’s in the world and produces very pure sea salt. Can be used in a grinder or as it is.

Grade  Food Grade
Purity  100%

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