Suffolk Sea Salts
Suffolk Sea SaltsSuffolk Sea SaltsSuffolk Sea SaltsSuffolk Sea Salts

Suffolk Sea Salts

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Looking for a perfect gift idea.  Here we have a wonderful trio of Suffolk salt. This is made in Suffolk, full of nutrients and 100% natural.

You will receive your trio in a shrink wrapped wrapper for freshness but also add a bow and you have the perfect gift.

Product - Suffolk Sea Salt
Country of origin - UK
Appearance - Granules
Colour - White/Clear
Flavour - Salty
Ingredients - 100% Natural Sea Salt
Shelf life - Usually 24 months
Storage Conditions - Cool, dry ambient conditions, away from direct sunlight
GMO Status - GMO free

What is Suffolk Sea Salt?


Suffolk Sea Salt is harvested from the estuary of the Rivers Orwell and the Stour, making the salts rich in natural minerals, and strong in flavour.

Salt is an essential component of our lives, as a nutrient it performs vital functions within our bodies that keeps us healthy. Suffolk Sea Salt is the first salt producer in the county for more than 100 years. Using traditional methods. The water is fully certified independently for the quality. The water is then taken back to the warehouse to be treated, a complex but simple procedure, all natural and take between 2 to 4 days. Nothing is added or taken away. The finished product is then tested to be certified and shows that the salt has 22 essential minerals.


Salt has been produced in East Anglia for thousands of years. Salt could preserve and eliminated the dependence on seasonal food. Roman soldiers used to be paid in precious salt, hence the term “Worth their salt”.


The difference between Sea Salt and table salt – Sea Salt is 100% natural, full of essential minerals. Table salt is typically mined from underground deposits. Its process is to remove other minerals. Using Sea Salt is a natural better for you addition to sprinkle on your food and recipes.

Brand:  Suffolk Salt
Grade  Food Grade
Purity  100% Natural

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